Love to remember is a project exploring the rituals and traditions of African and Caribbean funerals besides feelings of grief, celebration and community.
In African and Caribbean cultures a loved one’s passing is one of the most significant social events and mainly a celebration of the life that was lost and the legacy that endures. 
Family, friends and neighbours come together to share stories of the loved one’s happier days, struggles and achievements. Of how they faced social prejudice to make their contribution to English society and despite the odds raised their families and create communities. 
There is laughter about humorous life situations, rum is poured, food is shared and songs are sung to guide the soul to the promised land. 
I have photographed African and Caribbean funerals for 6 years, mostly around the communities based in the South of London, where I also live. Witnessing these emotional and unique moments brought me closer to the understanding of how these symbolic occasions help deal with the reality of death and encourage the expression of grief as a positive way to heal.
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